4pk Therapeutic Massage Sessions

$275 / each

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$250 / 120 minutes

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Cupping Therapy/Scar Tissue Therapy

$75 / 60 minutes

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Cupping Therapy(localized area) w/1hr Full Body Massage

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Deep Tissue Massage

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Relaxation Massage

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60min Therapeutic Massage

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90min Therapeutic Massage

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CBD Oil Therapeutic Massage

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Couples Massage Training

Couples Massage Training (CMT) is a class that teaches Massage in an unforgettable way to bond with your partner, significant other or a good friend.

In this class you and yours will learn the Art of Massage and apply techniques taught by Dawn St.Leone a State of Ohio Licensed Massage Therapist with 10 years of experience. Each partner will receive verbal and hands on training while massaging their partner by Dawn.

The techniques provided give an opportunity to communicate needs and desires between each couple which will compare with the touch of a professional, and gain insight into body mechanics to avoid fatigue and injury.

This class can be an excellent service for couples who:

  • Are interested in developing a new dynamic to their relationship and spending quality time together.

  • Want to learn more technical techniques to help relieve pain or discomfort for their spouse/partner.

  • Wish to understand massage better than just the “squeezing and pinching” of their partner’s shoulders.

  • Just want to have a fun, romantic, and unique “date night” experience with their spouse/partner.

Even though massage may appear to the general public as simply massaging the other person’s body using your fingers, a couple who invests in attending Couples Massage Training will learn simple techniques of moving fingers appropriately in order to bring desired results. Learning the Art of Massage is a gift, one that can expand the connection between you and your spouse/partner that will last a lifetime.

How to prepare for your CMT class:

  • Please wear comfortable “massage-friendly” clothing. Short Sleeves, tank tops and loose-fitting yoga pants or running pants are strongly encouraged. Leaving briefs and or boxers on for both genders is encouraged for training purposes.

  • Arrive early for your session. There will be a short health intake form to complete and review before your session begins.

  • Be prepared to listen and learn. Corrections to terminology will be provided respectfully simply to give reference to industry standards and provide the best clarity possible.

What will be provided:

  • Massage Tables

  • Massage lotion-if you have allergies to some lotions or creams please let your instructor know prior to your scheduled class

  • Massage table linens

  • Music

  • Light refreshments

During the Couples Massage Training session, the couple(s) will learn about most of the therapeutic benefits of massage and the power of touch to enhance their relationship. Many couples who learn massage techniques employ them during special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and of course Valentines Day!

As your instructor ,the feedback I’ve received is I’ve found that most couples tend to find time together occasionally and for no special reason at all other than to strengthen the bond between them since learning the Art of Massage. Touch is one of the 5 senses and perhaps it’s one of the greatest when given and received by the one you love most. It’s an honor to share this gift, my gift with you and yours. I am committed to your health and look forward to our journey together.

See you in class!!

Dawn St.Leone LMT

*ALL couples are welcome regardless of Race, Religion OR Sexual Orientation!

We are ONE!